Bollywood celebrity actress Sejal Sharma committed suicide.

Sejal Sharma, the popular actress of small screen
Amir Khan's co-actress committed suicide. He played the role of Simmi Khosla in the Star Plus 'Dil To Happy How Ji' series. His body was recovered from his own flat on Mira Road in Mumbai on Friday. Kashimira police have filed a case of non-natural death.

Sejal's two friends and roommates are being called 'Gyanja'. The original house of Sejal of the year twenty-six was in Udaipur, Rajasthan. He came to Mumbai to perform in the 27th. In an advertisement, Sejal Sharma co-starred with superstar Amir Khan. The actress also participated in an advertisement with Indian cricket star Rohit Sharma and Hardik Pandia.

Sejal, who now lives on the three floors of the Royal Nest housing at Shivar Garden on Mira Road. He has appeared in several commercials before 'Dil To Happy Hi Ji'. He also did a web series called 'Azad Parinde'. 'Dil To Happy Hi Ji' started on January 28. But it was a series of sudden shutdowns in August.

According to police sources, Sejal's body was recovered around 9am on Saturday. A needle's side note is also available in the room. But Sejal did not blame anyone for his death. The actress's friends have told police that she did not notice any 'natural' in Sejal. However, the heroine was suffering from mental illness. He had no job at all. Sezal was about to get along. There was a lot of talk about that.

Source: Our Bangla Site

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